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VEX and Vop is primary language for modification and manipulation of attributes and variables, It’s Multi-threaded and SIMD feature provides very effective procedure to create effects and shaders in Houdini. Get trained with a very unique learning module of coding (VEX/CVEX) specially made from artist perspective.

teamvfx maya mel trainingMel and Pymel is required to create new commands, effects or UI in Maya. It is often used to simplify tasks and offers a method of speeding up complicated or repetitive commands or tasks.

learn to create command and function with mel and Maya C++ API by teamvfx.

teamvfx nuke trainingPython is High level and most versatile language in VFX pipeline. TCl and Python is used for node creation and set multiple properties in nodes for faster compositing in nuke or Blackmagic Fusion.

To be a Team-leader, supervisor or tools developer ,Teamvfx has very robust training structure for pipeline development

teamvfx unreal trainingC and C++ fastest low level language for DCC package creation and API development. Most of games and DCC softwares are developed in C++ i.e Houdini, Maya, Blender, Unreal etc

Teamvfx provide the fundamental of C and C++ training. A unique course module exquisitely made for Cgi and vfx artist.

teamvfx katana trainingPython and Lua allows you to modify the structure of the scene graph hierarchy in look development pipeline, as well as setting and editing the multiple attributes in Katana and clarisse iFX.

Learn the next generation LCR program with very advanced training in coding by Teamvfx

Teamvfx is a charitable organization with a team of VFX veteran volunteers of production studios with aim of providing training in advanced CGI software technology. Generally, artists in industries are lack in Programming and 3d mathematics. Rare or no online academy is available to learn Coding/scripting for 3d software's.  We have around 13 years experience in teaching 3d coding and Sidefx Houdini's all specialization with highly focusing on Vex/python.

Teamvfx’s all training programs are advanced coding based for VFX industry. Our unique training modules are based on CGI programming language like VEX/CVEX, C/C++ (oop), MEL/PYMEL, PYTHON/TCL/LUA, software API development and dependency structure

Basically, all our training modules are for experience and existing artists. Whether you are working professionals or learner. you can join us for career growth and for promotion to become team-leader or supervisor. Existing students from conventional institutes may join us for getting JOB easily.

Mostly our trainers are the production's supervisor or team leaders (Graduates in Computer science) with experience of more than 15 years in VFX industry. As we have our own production house ,So our training program are taught along with working procedure and pipeline (transferring of data) of VFX.

After successfully completing the training. Our trainee can join in highly specialize field in Vfx industry like pipeline developer, 3D tools developer. R&D artist, Crowd AI developer, in FX and Compositing department. Or TL/TD /supervisor in any department.

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Teamvfx programs are very economical, around 45 US$ per month* only. We take fees as a donation or contribution.  Plus, we provide internship program along with training to earn 1 year's 𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿* of our own production house located in Kolkata and Bengaluru (INDIA). We also provide free online session for Houdini existing artists, find it here: Houdini-forum

Every month our trainees are getting placement in top studios globally. Our training program are developed in collaborations with top studios . So we train the subject which is requirement and demand of production studios, globally.

Please call at 91-9831438800.

Point Attributes

    • @P vector - Point position.
    • @N vector - Normal direction.
    • @v vector - Velocity of points.
    • @id int - Unique element ID.
    • @ptnum int - The point number.
    • @name string - Find obj in code by name.
    • @numpt int - Total number of points.
    • @piece int - Faces in the same piece will share the same value in their piece attribute.
    • @Time float - Current time, in seconds.
    • @Frame int - Current frame.
    • @primnum int - The primitive number.
    • @numprim int - The total number of primitives.
    • @scale vector -  Scale non-uniformly along each axis saperatly