Learn core concept and architecture of Houdini by productions team-leaders and supervisors.
Teamvfx training modules are mostly based on programming language and low-level native C++ nodes workflow • Vector expression (VEX and VOP) with attribute and variables • Hscript and python evaluation in parameters • DOPs all specialization and Crowd fuzzy logic system • Development of new solvers with micro solvers • LOP (Solaris) and USD pipeline _________________Contact us for more details
Teamvfx offer very advanced Houdini engine pipeline program for HDAs creation
Learn to export HDAs in other content creation digital package or game engine • VOP/VEX/PYTHON for HDA and Node development • HDA implementation in Maya/Max/cinema4d and unreal / Unity • HDK with C++ and sidefx lab tools for game assets • Exporting Dop sim data via VDB and engine _____________________Contact us for more details
Teamvfx has developed a simplified and artistic way of learning vector mathematics and CGi Coding
Cgi programming are always remain a troublesome subject for VFX artists, as a artist , we understand , so we created unique learning procedure. Subject are:- • OOP in C and C++ • Choose from variety of scripting language -MEL ,PYMEL, VEX, Hscript , HYTHON, LUA, TCL etc. • Python for tools and pipeline development • Coding for game development with C++ and C# ____________________________Contact us for more details
Teamvfx is providing advanced training in next-generation vfx tools like katana, Clarisse, Solaris or unreal(vfx)
As our vfx industry is developing and implementing a sub-specialized vfx software in very faster pace so as we. Subjects are :- • Scene management in post-production • Python coding in LRC context • linking LCR packages with USD pipeline • GPU and CPU based render engines management • Render farm tools like Deadline, Qube , Shotgun , PDG. ______________________Contact us for more details

Teamvfx has developed a very simplified and artistic way of learning vector mathematics in C = VEX and also in Python module for Houdini Fx

CODING-BASED TRAINING MODULESFor more information, get in touch with us

Teamvfx Houdini logo

VEX and Vop is the primary language for the modification and manipulation of attributes and variables, Its Multi-threaded and SIMD feature provides a very effective procedure to create effects and shaders in Houdini. Houdini python modules i.e HYTHON has a robust setup of classes and functions and its rooted deeply into Houdini API.

Get trained with a very unique learning module of coding (VEX/CVEX/HOM) specially made from an artist's perspective

teamvfx maya mel trainingMel and Pymel are required to create new commands, effects, or UI in Maya. It is often used to simplify tasks and offers a method of speeding up complicated or repetitive commands or tasks.

Learn to create commands and functions with mel and Maya C++ API by Teamvfx.

teamvfx nuke trainingPython is High level and most versatile language in the VFX pipeline. TCL and Python are used for node creation and set multiple properties in nodes for faster compositing in nuke or Blackmagic Fusion.

To be a Team-leader, supervisor, or tools developer, Teamvfx has a very robust training structure for pipeline development.

teamvfx unreal trainingC and C++, the fastest low-level language for DCC package creation and API development. Most games and DCC software are developed in C++ i.e Houdini, Maya, Blender, Unreal, etc

Teamvfx provides the fundamental of C and C++ training. A unique course module exquisitely made for Cgi and VFX artists.

teamvfx katana trainingPython and Lua allow you to modify the structure of the scene graph hierarchy in the look development pipeline, as well as setting and editing the multiple attributes in Katana and Clarisse iFX.

Learn the next-generation LCR program with very advanced training in coding by Teamvfx

95% of our Houdini trainees were part of these block-buster movies over the past 3 years

Snapshot of placement record.
To Hire Houdini Artist. Call +91 9748567731 -HR Team.

Teamvfx replied ……Reason to learn sidefx houdini ?

Houdini-fx and its node-based workflow is the future of technology in the VFX pipeline and is often referred to as a pipeline engine. With PDG ( procedural architecture designed ) you can break the boundaries, to scale up to a bigger procedural pipeline, and achieve the results with the heaviest project that ever can be handled whether it’s modeling, animation, fx, crowd, or rendering. And yes, the Houdini engine has no match with any 3d software.

Unlike other CGI or VFX software, Houdini uses a node-based procedural workflow that makes it easy to explore iterations as you refine your work. Programs like Maya or Blender store changes in a user history and need to undo to back to the previous results, which makes it difficult to return to the last version of your work.

Houdini is not just for fx (effects)! Houdini offers very advanced procedural geometric modeling and character animation tools and with a unique rendering environment i.e Solaris (karma).

Houdini’s unique node-based approach allows for multiple iterations so that it’s easy to make changes and develop your animations and effects, anytime in process of work. These efficiencies in the software mean that artists can achieve desired effects on less advanced hardware too.

The node based workflow means hassle-less work and quicker production output.

Many big-budget film studios have used Houdini to create award-winning effects in their projects. Disney is a notable user, having employed Houdini in the movies Frozen and Zootopia. HBO’s Game of Thrones utilizes Houdini for most of its visual effects

Team vfx has more than 15 years of teaching experience in Houdini. By collaborating with top studios our training programs are mostly job ready. Candidates may also join our in-house internship to earn a one-year experience certificate. JOIN US TODAY……..


Simple node setup with VEX code in Houdini

Learn VEX in
Vex example

Houdini operators(nodes) iterate over time or cook eventually and data flow doesn’t store the history of changes separately and that makes the whole nodes network non-destructive and fully editable.

teamvfx houdini insight

Teamvfx is a charitable organization with a team of VFX veteran volunteers from production studios with aim of providing training in advanced CGI software technology. Generally, artists in industries lack in Programming and 3d mathematics. Rare or no online academy is available to learn Coding/scripting for 3d software.  We have around 15 years of experience in teaching 3d coding and Sidefx Houdini's all specialization with highly focusing on Vex/python.


Teamvfx’s all training programs are based on advanced coding for the VFX industry. Our unique training modules are build on CGI programming languages, which are VEX/CVEX, C/C++ (oop), MEL/PYMEL, PYTHON/TCL/LUA, software API development, and dependency structure


Substantially our training modules are designed for experienced and existing working artists. Whether you are a working professional or a learner you can join Teamvfx for career growth or for promotion to become a team leader or supervisor. Newcomers and freshers from conventional institutes may apply to our courses to join the top companies in India and abroad like Pixar, MPC, DNEG, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Wētā FX, and Framestore to name a few.


The First and foremost requisite is the passion and commitment that you must have to join our training program. This training is strictly not recommended to unserious or unconcerned persons.
The candidate must have technical knowledge of at least one industry standard DCC software plus basic understanding of Computer programming and vector mathematics. Our Houdini FX and CFX training program significantly rely on classical physics and that make these programs suitable for candidates with a science background in academic


Our trainers are production supervisors or team leaders (Graduates in Computer science) with experience of more than 15 years in the VFX industry. The Teamvfx trainer also provides subject-oriented training at well-known production studios like DOUBLE NEGETIVE (DNEG) and MOVING PICTURE COMPANY (MPC) to name a few. As we also have our own production house, So our training programs are taught along with the working procedure and pipeline of live VFX projects and that provide exposure to new comer about production culture and ethnics.


To date, we have successfully placed all our trainees since our inception with 100% placement records. After completing our training programs, the trainee can easily join the highly specialized field in the VFX industry like pipeline development, Houdini tools developer. R&D artist, Crowd AI developer, in FX and Compositing department. Or TL/TD /supervisor in a specialized department.


Find the answer in our researched catalogue below

Click to enlarge image : Houdini insightTeamvfx course


Teamvfx programs are very economical, around 45 US$ per month* only. We take fees as a donation or contributions.  Plus, we provide an internship program along with the training to earn 1 year's 𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿* of our own production house located in Kolkata and Bengaluru (INDIA). We also provide free online sessions to existing Houdini artists, find it here: Houdini-forum


Every month our trainees are getting placed in top studios globally. Our training programs are developed in collaboration with top studios. So we train the subject which is requirement and demand of production studios, globally.


Please call at 91-9831438800.

👇 Learn more by joining us at Houdini forum

team vfx, Short term houdini course
Short term Houdini program

teamvfx training of nuke with USD based pipeline

Foundry Nuke and Nuke studio (python) training

Join us in Advance VFX program, Nuke X with python and TCL programming languages with USD based pipeline

Nuke is a Node-based and 3d compositing tool that is most preferred for film productions. It is incredibly versatile, customizable, and user-friendly. It enables the creative talent to explore and expand ideas and solve all sorts of problems that you really can fix in comp. Teamvfx has developed a very advanced module of a training program for Nuke and NukeX along with foundry Katana in the LCR context. Our courses are highly focused on TCL and python coding. The training module strictly follows the procedure of production studios of 3d compositing and next-gen pipeline with universal scene description (USD). Call us today for more information.

Show-reel development program

Placement and Showreel Assistance programs -A demo reel is like a “business card” which reveals all hard-working of your year’s work in a few minutes to observers, So we encourage and provide immense support to our trainees to create a very subject-oriented and stunning demo/show-reel in the timeline of their session, Reel development is part of our curriculum and aim of that is to demonstrate the best skill of his/her talent.


Andrew D'costa ( Co-founder and Houdini mentor )
Andrew D’costa ( Co-founder and Houdini mentor )

Few words …….
Short-term job-oriented training can help you get that edge above existing skills. Short-term courses make you earn with high salary plus promotion. You get to choose what you want to learn, and We equip you with the latest skills. Moreover, you also get to learn a whole lot more about the industry you take an interest in.

Let’s learn more about the short-term courses by calling us.

Palash Chowdhury   ( HOD and Houdini mentor )
Palash Chowdhury ( HOD and Houdini mentor )

Few words …….
Distance education and Online courses by Teamvfx are framed into very unique and specific formats for Houdini and python pipeline -which is listed in the above training section. Teamvfx online training is a new option for the working Artists proposed for R&D or upgrading the skills, and getting the job easily in VFX studio globally. Our training presents a great potential for python developers in the VFX pipeline i.e (Houdini, Nuke, and USD base modules), given its interactive capability and yes
training is purely independent of geographical distances.
For more info call on given number

Abhuday Tripathi ( Co-founder and Professor of computer science)
Abhuday Tripathi ( Co-founder and Professor of computer science)

Few words …….
Teamvfx believe that each trainee needs to explore their artistic identity, build on their strengths, and develop a unique ability that avoids mainstream formulas. They must possess a strong understanding of the technical and artistic tools at their disposal to realize their true potential. Our mission is to provide an economical CGi and VFX training throughout the globe in any location.
Our course model mainly focuses on elementary mathematics, CGi programming and we also provide project-based learning where trainees can earn one year of experience letter of our production house. Small class sizes ensure trainees are provided with a personalized learning experience, allowing individuality while still harnessing the collaborative nature of Visual effects.

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