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One and only online portal that provide training in programming/coding for CGI and VFX artists. The training module is researched and design by the veterans of Double Negative (DNEG) and Moving picture company (MPC),so you can be sure to get the best training available around the world


Eligibility for admission : The candidate must have completed the 10+2 curriculum as a minimum educational qualification and prefer to have a background in science stream, primarily in math and physics.

Proficiency in any 3D software and basic knowledge of programming languages such as C, C++, or Python could be helpful in this endeavor.

Most affordable, exquisite, live online Houdini and Vfx training programs 

Thinking outside of the box,houdini software require real world approach of physics to develop the realism in VFX

It’s important for a Artist in industry – to be creative. To think outside the box. If you are facing a new and challenging problem you usually need to apply some imagination to develop a solution or to find a way to approach the problem from a new perspective.
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Learn from the Ex-trainer of DNEG and MPC. Join us today to learn from Houdini veterans

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Physics and mathematics are the two vital components of most Teamvfx’s comprehensive training curriculum, The fact is, the solver and the tools in Houdini, itself is made with the concept of Modern physics

Teamvfx goal is for you to apply fundamental of physics in Fx simulation or Photo realistic CGI development , with support of applied mathematics
teamvfx placement
teamvfx placement
teamvfx placement
teamvfx placement

Few words from our Directors and Mentors


Mr.Dinesh seth (MBA in Marketing./ PG Diploma in software dev)-Head trainer -coding and Vfx

Our course model mainly focuses on elementary mathematics, CGi programming and
we also provide project-based learning where trainees can earn one year of
experience letter of our production house. Small class sizes ensure trainees are
provided with a personalized learning experience, allowing individuality while
still harnessing the collaborative nature of Visual effects.


Mr.Abhuday Tripathi ( Co-founder and lecturer) M.TECH/ P.hd – Computer science.

Teamvfx believe that each trainee needs to explore their artistic identity,
build on their strengths, and develop a unique ability that avoids mainstream
formulas. They must possess a strong understanding of the technical and artistic
tools at their disposal to realize their true potential. Our mission is to
provide an economical CGi and VFX training throughout the globe in any location.


Mrs Som datta( Co-founder and Vfx director) MBA / Msc in Cmputer science.

Short-term job-oriented training can help you get that edge above existing
skills. Short-term courses make you earn with high salary plus promotion. You
get to choose what you want to learn, and We equip you with the latest skills.

Moreover, you also get to learn a whole lot more about the industry you take an
interest in.

palash Chowdhury teamvfx faculty
Mr.Palash chowdary. ( HOD and Houdini mentor ) –Bachelor of Computer Applications and Animation

Distance education and Online courses by Teamvfx are framed into very unique and specific formats for Houdini and python pipeline -which is listed in the above training section. Teamvfx online training is a new option for the working Artists proposed for R&D or upgrading the skills, and getting the job easily in VFX studio globally.

2008-2023 Placement records. Modules: Houdini Generalist and CGI coding programs

Coding based Vfx Artists
Cgi programmer and tool developer- Artists
Gaming and Technical Artists

Feel free to call us for placement related queries. Call +91 9748567731 -HR Team.

Teamvfx replied ……Reason to learn sidefx houdini ?
Houdini-fx and its node-based workflow is the future of technology in the VFX pipeline and is often referred to as a pipeline engine. With PDG ( procedural architecture designed ) you can break the boundaries, scale up to a bigger procedural pipeline, and achieve the results with the heaviest project that ever can be handled whether it’s modeling, animation, fx, crowd, or rendering. And yes, the Houdini engine has no match with any 3d software.
Unlike other CGI or VFX software, Houdini uses a node-based procedural workflow that makes it easy to explore iterations as you refine your work. Programs like Maya or Blender store changes in a user history and need to undo to back to the previous results, which makes it difficult to return to the last version of your work.
Houdini is not just for fx (effects)! Houdini offers very

Teamvfx is always ready to assist you in achieving your career. We are proud for some of our achievement

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Show-reel development program

Placement and Showreel Assistance programs -A demo reel is like a β€œbusiness card” which reveals all hard-working of your year’s work in a few minutes to observers, So we encourage and provide immense support to our trainees to create a very subject-oriented and stunning demo/show-reel in the timeline of their session, Reel development is part of our curriculum and aim of that is to demonstrate the best skill of his/her talent.

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